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User Types

Microsoft allows you to mix different user types so you are only charged for the number of each user type that you need. Each Dynamics 365 user can subscribe to a single module or to a Plan, which includes access to all modules. And you can choose from Full or Read Only (Team Member) licenses. Click here for details.

Enter the number of each user types in your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Engagement Plan:

This option gives you access to ALL the CRM functionality including Dynamics 365 for Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Marketing, PowerApps and Flow.

A La Carte Access
In addition to, or instead of, choosing an all access plan, users can license specific applications individually:

Important Notes:

  • This Quick Quote does NOT apply available discounts for existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.


Please identify your existing CRM software below (including Microsoft Dynamics CRM). Microsoft may offer discounts on upgrades from certain software packages that are NOT reflected in this Quick Quote. Please discuss discounts with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner.

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Level of CRM Implementation Support

Includes all elements in CRM and CRM Plus and extensive customization work.

NOTE: Implementation estimates are for core CRM functionality including Sales and Customer Service. Field Service, Marketing and Project Service Automation implementation estimates are not included due to the level of project variables. Your Dynamics 365 partner will provide additional pricing.


Note: All prices will be quoted from the US Price List in US Dollars. Customer purchasing outside the US may require special pricing.

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